Ten Books I Want RIGHT NOW, That Sadly Haven’t Released Yet

Ten Books I want RIGHT NOW

Ten Books I Want RIGHT NOW

Hi everybody!

Today I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday again. Top Ten Tuesday is a great weekly linkup, hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt is ‘Ten Books I’d Slay a Lion to Get Early’, and while I probably wouldn’t slay a lion to get any of these (poor lion, what did it do wrong?), I do want them pretty badly.


King of Scars1 – King of Scars

by Leigh Bardugo

Okay, I lied, this one I might just slay a lion for.
Since I only finally read Six of Crows a month or two ago I haven’t screamed about my undying love for Leigh Bardugo nearly enough on here yet, but trust me, I’ve being doing a LOT of screaming about her in other places. And Nikolai! I love Nikolai with all my heart, so a book about him? I need it. SO badly. Plus the cover reveal was yesterday, and I am sosososososososososo in love with it! It’s so beautiful! AHHHHHHH!!! I will probably continue to scream about this book every couple posts for the next… Oh I don’t know, YEAR?! Until I finally get my hands on it. And then of course I’ll need to scream about it some more after I’ve read it. So yeah, I think it’ll be at least a year.

2 – Threads of Power

by V.E. Schwab

Um? Hello? Why does this not even have a release date yet? I fell head over heels in love with Shades of Magic, just maybe a week or so ago, so I sort of freaked out when I realized that this was going to be a thing. I NEED IT! And the whole cast from A Conjuring of Light?!?! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! All my favourites!! Showing up in a new book! Plus it’s Schwab, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be amazing anyways, even without all these precious babies.



Queen of Air and DarknessWhat if it's us3 – Queen of Air and Darkness

by Cassandra Clare

Did you really think I could write this post without mentioning this one? Of course I can’t. The ending of Lord of Shadows absolutely destroyed me. It was incredibly painful, AND a huge cliffhanger! Can I please have Queen of Air and Darkness RIGHT NOW?!?! Please?! If I ask nicely enough? Maybe?
No? Darn!

4 – What If It’s Us

by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

Um, so, I actually, um, couldn’t get into They Both Die At The End… I just… didn’t really like the writing style, and I didn’t care one bit about the characters… So I’m not sure Adam Silvera is really my style. But this is also Becky Albertalli. So obviously I need it anyways.


Muse of Nightmares
5 – Muse of Nightmares

by Laini Taylor

I adored Strange the Dreamer, AND OH MY GOODNESS THAT ENDING!!!! I’M STILL NOT OKAY WITH THAT ENDING!!!! So naturally I need this one incredibly desperately! More Lazlo? More Weep? More of Laini Taylor’s gorgeous writing? Sign me up!

Also that cover! THAT COVER!!! It’s so pretty!!

6 – Smoke and Iron

by Rachel Caine

Smoke and IronThe ending of Ash and Quill was just not cool.* Of course the author decided it would be real nice to take my favourite character, place them in terrible danger, then end the book off.

Mean. Just mean.

[su_spoiler title=”Spoilers” icon=”chevron”]Seriously, Wolfe had better be okay, or I will attempt to murder Jess myself. And no, I don’t care that he’s fictional, and therefore that’s literally not possible. I will still try my hardest. And then when I fail I’ll cheer on Santi to do it for me.[/su_spoiler]

So yeah, I need this one pretty desperately!

*And by ‘not cool’ of course I really mean I loved it, I’m just mad that the next one isn’t out yet.






A Thousand Perfect Notes7 – A Thousand Perfect Notes

by C.G. Drews

My favourite blogger wrote a book. Obviously I need it. Not to mention it actually sounds REALLY GOOD! I want this so badly, and am waiting very impatiently patiently for it to come in the mail. Can June seventh hurry up and get here already? Please?

8 – Thief Errant #3

by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Okay, I don’t exactly want this early, I just want it at all. But the publishers went and cancelled it, and I’m still bitter! So it’s making the list. Deal with it.




9 – Chain of Gold

by Cassandra Clare

A book about Will and Tessa’s kids? Sign me up! I want this book yesterday.
Seriously though, WILL AND TESSA’S KIDS!!! Which also means WILL!! And probably some of the others from The Infernal Devices! And… you know… Tessa.

10 – The Exile’s Gift

by Tamora Pierce

And of course this list wouldn’t be complete without this book. I adore Tamara Pierce’s books, and Tempests and Slaughter was just so wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out, because while Tempests and Slaughter was amazing, it failed to answer a lot of my questions, and I think those will be answered in this one! And honestly, Tamora Pierce. NUMAIR. Enough said.

So how about you? What books would you slay a lion to get early? Do we have any of the same ones? What are your thoughts on the King of Scars cover?


  1. Oh my goodnessssssss I NEED Queen of air and darkness! Right now!! I cannot wait the 8 whole months😰!! And also, muse of nightmares.. the cover is so so pretty and I just can’t.😩


  2. I NEED Queen of air and darkness!!!!! Lol the cliffhanger was the WORST‼️😭 maybe if we all sign a petition or something we could get it released earlier ?!?!? Lol 😂


    • Yeah, most of them are getting a lot of hype. There might be a reason I’m quite so excited for some of them… 😁


  3. THREADS. OF. POWER. I finished the Shades of MAgic trilogy not too long ago BUT I ALREADY NEED IT NOW?? I ned more precious Rhy and Alucard and Lila eeeek. I’m also really curious about Cait’s book! It’s not something I usually read but I will be preordering it!


    • I know right?! I actually only finished A Conjuring of Light a week ago, and I’m already so desperate for Threads of Power!


  4. THREADS OF POWER! THREADS OF POWER! THREADS OF POWER! Anything by V.E. Schwab, I am THERE. And I need A Thousand Perfect Notes as well. Paper Fury is the book blog that made me want to read more book blogs and I can’t wait to see what she writes as a book. I’m surprised it’s not fantasy, but I think there’s a chance that contemporary could provide more potential for snark and sass. Either way, I’m here for it.


    • Yeah, Cait’s blogs the reason I started my blog, so I’m super excited for her book! And yeah, I was a little surprised it’s not fantasy, but I’m sure it will still be absolutely amazing.


  5. omggggg meeeeee. *FLAILS FOR 900 YEARS* I’m so honoured right now I can’t even ahhh.😍😍 And also I’m so FREAKING EXCITED for most of these too!? Like pls bring me Smoke & Iron because I’ve been traumatised and I need to know if everything is ok. 😭😭And I desperately want Queen of Air and Darkness (AGAIN, GONNA BE TRAUMATISED) and What If It’s Us and Muse of Nightmares and Threads of Power afjdksalfd. BOOKS. They will be the death of me and I am ready for it.


    • I am honestly SO excited for your book Cait! 😀😃
      And yes, so many of these are going to HURT, aren’t they?


  6. FINALLY I HEAR SOMEONE ELSE TALKING ABOUT CHAIN OF GOLD BY CASSIE!!!!! I’ve been exited for this book for like 3 years it’s not even funny anymore! I read like 20 snippets and GSJKALALLA. This book has killed me and I haven’t even read it yet.
    Also Queen of Air and Darkness will be my second death. I’m just calling it.


    • RIGHT?!?! Nobody talks about it, and I just want it so desperately, and AHHHHHHHH!!!!! And I’m sure it will leave me a sobbing mess, unable to function properly for ages after, but it will be SO WORTH IT!!!


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