I’m Back! Sunburnt + Sailing + DRAGON!!!

I’m Back!

Actually, I’ve been back for a couple of days, but haven’t bothered to mention it. Because I’m lazy and already had a post written, and didn’t feel like writing another. Or even adding like two sentences on to that post to say I’m back.

SailboatSailing Is A Lot Of Fun

So the reason I haven’t been online much for the last couple weeks is that me and a friend were doing sailing camp.

That means six hours a day, out in the hot sun. Which means sunburn. Also, since the boats tip pretty easily, you can’t really bring water with you… You can bring it to the dock, but when you’re actually sailing you get very thirsty. And sunburnt.

I also managed to get a ridiculous amount of bruises… I’d seriously like to know HOW I bruised my elbows… how did I manage to get six different bruises on my elbows?! HOW!?!??!
And ugh, bruises HURT!

Even though I’m complaining, I actually love sailing.

I love the feeling of the boat when it gets moving fast,* I love it when the boat goes over the huge waves.** Even though by the end of each day I was either soaked, or sweltering, and thoroughly bruised, I just love it.

I’ve also discovered that sailing a one person boat that you’re a bit too big for on your own is terrifying. Sailing a one person boat that you’re a bit too big for with a friend with you, however, isn’t at all terrifying, and is actually sort of fun. Waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too small, but fun. And apparently easier than sailing a two person boat with only one person. Which my friend had to do. On her very first day of sailing. Ever. because I got out of the boat and tried to grab the rope attached to the boat. And failed. So my poor friend drifted away on her own in a two person boat, on her very first day. In high wind. Oops.

*That is, when I’m not terrified we’re going to capsize…
**By which I mean I hated it for the first week and a half, and then randomly decided I loved it. I REALLY didn’t want to capsize.

I’m Also Incredibly Sleep Deprived

Because when you’re with your friend who lives twelve hours away,* it can be very difficult to get to sleep before eleven or so… or, you know… later.
On it’s own, that wouldn’t be too bad, but because of sailing** we had to get up early. Seven fifteen every day for two weeks. I’m NOT a morning person. Not at all. I normally get up around nine. I consider anything earlier then eight thirty to be early. Seven fifteen was NOT fun.

You know you’re sleepy when you’re sitting down with your eyes closed while you brush your teeth. Or closing your eyes while sailing. Basically I was closing my eyes whenever I had the chance. At least I wasn’t actually trying to sleep in the sailboat like some kids. I was tempted, but I didn’t. Very, very tempted.

*They made that drive with ONE stop… I’m VERY impressed.
**And because we were sloooowwwww at getting ready.

Other Random Stuff

And by ‘other random stuff’ I mean I managed to make a beaded dragon, and I’m immensely pleased with myself. So pictures. Because dragons are awesome!

Beaded DragonΒ Dragon and PliersΒ Another Beaded Dragon

I’m… not so pleased with myself for my photographing ability… or lack of ability. Admittedly I was trying to take these using a laptop… instead of… you know… a camera or something. Or even a phone.

Anyways, terrible photos aside, my dragon makes me very happy! Very, very happy! Because I have a mild obsession with dragons.* And I have a mild obsession with beading. So a beaded dragon is wonderful!

*And that isn’t AT ALL an understatement. Nope. Not at all.

Have you ever been sailing? Have you ever bruised your elbows? (I’m just incredibly curious if anyone else has ever done this) What time do you normally get up? Do you like dragons? Have you ever accidentally sent your friend out on their own in a two person sailboat? No? I’m the only one who’s ever done that?


  1. OMG YOUR DRAGONS ARE SOOOO CUTE!!! I seriously need to make some dragon-ish craft one of these days. 😍 Also I HAVE bruised my elbows before but I can’t remember how or why. πŸ˜‚ I have never been sailing, however! I think I’d get pretty motion sick, but I kind of also want to be a pirate soooo…I will need to work on that. Glad you had a great time. ;D And I hope you get some sleep!!


    • Yes, if you want to be a pirate you will DEFINITELY have to work on that annoying seasickness thing πŸ˜‚
      Thanks! I’m super pleased with it! My friend has made dragons that are bigger, and more impressive, but I decided that starting with the EASIEST pattern, instead of the HARDEST seemed like a good idea. My friend didn’t, and I’m amused.


  2. Sailing seems so cool!! Im not a big fan of water…or more specifically the ocean (its so deep!) But that sounds like SL much fun! Also dragons: YES! And for laptop camera I’d say not bad for the pics. Also I normally get up at 7:20 (school ugh) but on the weekends I sleep in until like 10 haha


    That is delightful. It sounds like sailing was a blast and I’m jealous even of your sunburns and bruises. ❀


    • Hahaha, I’m not sure you should be jealous of by bruises… they made it pretty painful to sit or kneel… or anything really.


  4. I haven’t ever accidentally sent anyone out in a two person sailboat alone before… but I’ve been sent out in one on my own before πŸ˜€


  5. DUDE I WANT A BEADED DRAGON. What an adorable little guy. Does it have a name?? I hope it has a name.
    I’ve never went sailing, like with a traditional sail boat or anything, but I have totally bruised my elbows. I have bruised a lot of parts of me that should be harder to bruise and yet, here I am, bruising myself.


    • No, it doesn’t have a name yet… I’m trying to think of a good one, that is some sort of book reference, and it’s HARD.


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