Ten Books On My Summer TBR – Lots of ebooks? (ew) And some wishful thinking…

Summer TBR

Ten Books On My Summer TBR

Hey everybody! I’m once again linking up with Top Ten Tuesday, hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s theme is either Top Ten Beach Reads or your Summer TBR. And since most of what I read… really couldn’t be considered a beach read… I’m going with my summer TBR! Not that I’ll stick to it… or even try to stick to it really… but I like having some books I aim to read.

So this is my very rough summer TBR! (it’s mostly just going to be books I currently have access to, with a couple of new releases thrown in that I really want to read, but probably won’t.)

I’ve also just looked back at my spring TBR, and… I couldn’t done a LOT better… I read five out of ten. And also finally gave up and DNF’d a sixth… but yeah, I definitely could’ve done better…

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The Foxhole CourtThe Sound of Us1 – The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

I actually would have probably read this already, except it didn’t download onto my Kindle! But I technically should own it, soooo… I think it maybe just didn’t download properly…? (by which I mean my dad thinks it maybe just didn’t download properly… I have no tech knowledge whatsoever.)
But yeah, I really want to read this one. Even thoughI don’t like sports at all. But ummm… everyone says it’s good! And diverse! And honestly I’m only reading it because it’s hyped, but whatever!*

2 – The Sound of Us by Ashley Poston

I loved Ashley Poston’s Geekerella, and I found the ebook of this for cheap on amazon a few months ago, sooo… it’s been sitting on my kindle for ages (this one actually downloaded!), and I should really get around to reading it.

*And why am I talking in all exclamation marks!?!

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The Falconer3 – The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Again, I found this one for super cheap, and have had it sitting on my Kindle ever since… It looks interesting, I just haven’t motivated myself to pick it up yet…

4 – Learn About Loss, A Deeper Love, & The Wicked Ones by Cassandra Clare

These short stories have been awesome so far, and I am SO excited for the rest of them! Naturally I will be reading these as soon as I possibly can, sooo… release day if I remember what days they come out, and otherwise a day or two later when they pop up on my goodreads feed.



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The Runaway KingThe Silver Spear5 – The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen

This is middle grade, but I read the first book a while ago and really enjoyed it, so I would like to finish the series… I just can’t motivate myself to pick it up, because I don’t think it’s going to be as good…

6 – The Silver Spear by Clare C. Marshall

I read the first book in this series at the beginning of the year, and it was really enjoyable. I own the second one, and have been meaning to read it even since. I haven’t. Maybe that’ll change this summer? Or maybe it won’t.


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I Was Born For ThisLet's Talk About Love7 – I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman

Don’t own this one, but I am SO CLOSE to caving and buying it…! So I’m putting it on my list as a hopeful maybe if I make some money… But yeah, it’s Alice Oseman, so what more needs to be said? I’m obsessed.

8 – Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

Same as I Was Born For This… I do not own it, my library does not own it, and I am SO CLOSE to cabin and buying it. It sounds super good, and I’ve never read a book with an ace protagonist before. Or, in fact, an ace character, period. And I’ve heard the rep is really good. So. And also it just sounds like a genuinely good book in it’s own right. So I need it. (and I need money, so that I can buy it.)

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This Monstrous ThingThe Penderwicks At Last9 – This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee

Um, I think my hold for this worked…? And if so I’m going to read this as soon as it comes in! And if not… then I will be very sad.
But if it does come in… I have high hopes. Because Mackenzi Lee. So it should hopefully be good.

10 – The Penderwicks at Last by Jeanne Birdsall

This series was an absolute favourite growing up, and apparently there’s another book? So um, sign me up? My friends have it, and will hopefully loan it to me when they’re done with it. And I can just pretend I remember what happened in the first four books…

What’s on your summer TBR? Do we have any of the same ones? Have you read any of these? Which ones should I read first?


  1. Ooh, I’ll have to look into The Sound of Us. I haven’t read Geekerella yet (I only recently found the paperback at my bookstore and the library couldn’t get it in) but I hope to read it soon!


  2. Ahh this is aN AMAZING LIST. YOU ARE IN FOR SUCH A GOOD TIME! I adored Let’s Talk About Love (it is literally the cutest thing) and also The Falconer is aaaamazing and I love The Foxhole Court and all those dysfunctional tragic cinnamon sons. LOVE. And I need to read I Was Born For This too really. 😂I’m so behind on all my newer releases oops! I hope you have a super great summer with this exceptional TBR list!


    • Ahhhhh, right?!?! I’m on The King’s Men now, and I AM SO IN LOVE! The characters! 😍😍

      And oh my gosh, I want to read Let’s Talk About Love and I Was Born for This SO BAD. But I haven’t yet… Oops. (I’m behind on mine releases too…!)


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