The Unique Blogger Award + Wow, I Disappeared Again (And Absolutely No One Is Surprised By This.)

The Unique Blogger Award

The Unique Blogger Award

Hi everyone!

Yup, I disappeared again, but more on that later. Right now, I’m going to be doing the Unique Blogger Award! I was tagged for this by Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm.

Brianna is such a lovely person, and her blog is so much fun, so you should definitely go check it out! (And thank you so much for tagging me!)


  • Display the award!
  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!


The Questions:

1 – What are three of your all time favorite books?

Only THREE?!?! How am I supposed to choose?!?!

*sigh* I suppose I should probable be thankful that it isn’t just one… but still!

Okay, here they are:*

  • Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – I just really love this book. A lot. Its just so cute and fluffy and sweet, and I LOVE THE CHARACTERS WITH MY WHOLE HEART, and also it’s just so good!!
  • Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab – Kell and Lila and Rhy and Alucard own my heart! And also can I please live in Red London?! And also can I please have Kell’s coat?!
  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – THIS SERIES IS UTTER PERFECTION!!! The characters! SO GOOD! And it’s so funny! There’s so much banter! So basically… just the characters. The characters are perfection.
*There’s soooo many more though! And also I’m cheating and two of these are series, but I don’t care, okay?

2 – Do you prefer e-books or physical copies?

Physical copies all the way. I won’t deny, ebooks are certainly useful at times, and if they’re significantly cheaper, I’ll definitely go for them, but if I have the choice? Physical copy, no doubts about it.

Although I DO like highlighting and making notes when I’m using my Kindle. It’s just not worth it.

There’s just nothing quite like the feel of a physical book in my hands.

3 – If you could meet one author, who would you choose and why?

Victoria Schwab. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? She’s quite possibly my favourite author of all time! Okay, scratch that, she IS my favourite author!

I’ve literally loved ALL her books so far. And this is including the first Everyday Angel book, which may be a middle grade book about an angel trying to earn her wings, but also made me CRY. And get me invested in the entire cast of characters (six of them). AND made me feel ALL the emotions. I laughed, I held my breath, and did I mention I cried? All in 260 pages. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A FUN MIDDLE GRADE BOOK ABOUT ANGELS FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

So what I’m saying is: Schwab has some SERIOUS talent. And I’m obsessed with basically ALL of her books.

So I would want to meet her. Obviously.

(Edit: And oops. I meant to tag people, but it’s late, and I’m tired. I’ll try and come back to do that tomorrow!)


So yeah. I disappeared. Again.

And I sincerely apologize.

Also, I’m just SO unimpressed with myself right now.
I actually KNEW I wouldn’t be posting. I have a valid excuse. For the past couple weeks, I was doing some camps in the city, and I was busy in the mornings and afternoons, and was staying at a friends house. But they were away for the summer, so they had their internet turned off.

And then I was with relatives for the weekend.

So I just wasn’t able to post. In my defence.

However I knew this was coming. I knew I wouldn’t be posting. And I completely meant to mention it.

And then I forgot.

Because of course. The one time I legit (semi) planned a hiatus I… forgot to mention it. Wow, Iris. Real on top of things there.

Aaaand, I also have a friend showing up tomorrow for about ten days (I think), and will be away from my blog for probably the rest of August. I’ll hopefully be online a *little*, and should be responding to comments and stuff, but I definitely won’t be posting, and I probably won’t be reading your posts until after my friend leaves.


Life Update

So since I’m completely pushing my July wrap-up off (I’ll probably just lump it in with my August wrap-up), and also since I abandoned you for some fun stuff, let me tell you about that fun stuff now!

(It was fun for me at least. It probably isn’t fun to read about really… but I’ll do my best to MAKE it fun to read about. 😆)

  • So yeah, as I said, I was doing some camps in the city. The first week it was a leadership one in the afternoon (things got shuffled around, and I ended up adding this one on last minute, because why not.), & one about debate and public speaking in the morning.
  • The second week it was creative writing all day.
  • Leadership was a heck ton of fun, even if the group was a bit younger than I would have liked (12-15 may have been a mistake), and as such what we covered was also pretty basic.
  • But it was FUN.
  • We literally just sat around and played games for half of it, but I’m not complaining.
  • And we spent a large part of one day building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows.
  • Which I’m probably way too old for, but I can’t deny it was fun.
  • Also expired marshmallows are REALLY sticky.
  • Like, even stickier than normal marshmallows.
  • Fun.
  • Okay, but really though, it was.
  • The debate and public speaking one was very educational, but sadly focused way more on debate than I would have liked.
  • I was in it for the public speaking.
  • I got a week of debate.
  • Still, it was really interesting, even if I don’t think debate is for me.
  • Also a bunch of the boys thought it was hilarious to keep repeating that earth is flat, and I’m really regretting the missed opportunity to inform that the earth is a giant turtle.*
  • And the creative writing was really fun!
  • I think you should possibly be worried that my response to being sat down in a lovely rose garden and told to write about the setting is to write a piece about an angry girl, drawing morbid things…
  • (You should definitely be concerned.)
  • Also the teacher was hilarious.
  • When I first got to the classroom, he greeted me with “Creative writing?” and when I nodded, he said “Welcome to Moving Tables Camp.” and returned to shoving the tables into position.
  • I may have legit though I was in the wrong place for a second…
  • Oops.
  • But it was pretty funny after! 😂😂
  • Then we flew off to visit relatives for the weekend. I had so much fun!
  • I was SUPER nervous about the plane ride… I hadn’t been on a place for SIX YEARS, and was mildly panicking.
  • Even though the plane ride was super short. It was literally like, an hour.
  • But I was FREAKING OUT.
  • And then we got up in the air, and it was super cool, even though I was still a little bit terrified.
  • It’s funny, I’m not scared of heights or anything. So long as it’s attached to the ground, I actually quite like heights.
  • But put me in a plane, and I’m terrified.
  • Anyways, we had a packed weekend with family, and it was so. Much. Fun.
  • There was a big family get together the first day, involving:
    – Tacos (yum)
    – A photo station with silly costumes (what more needs to be said?)
    – Guessing the number of candies in a jar (I won. Now I have a jar of candy I don’t know what to do with.**)
    – One of those big, brightly coloured parachutes you play with when you’re little (My cousin led us on the search for that, then we carried it around, enlisting the younger kids to play with us.)
    – Relay races
    – Dodgeball
    – A lot of fun
    (I feel like it needs to be stated that out of the forty people there, only five of us were under eighteen. 😂)
  • And then on the second day there was a smaller gathering to celebrate the August birthdays (five of them!).
  • Also smaller means twenty or so people. Because we’re THAT family. (and I love it)
  • Me and my cousin made the cakes, which was super fun! And they looked GOOD too! (I was impressed, honestly. We covered them in icing roses, and I hadn’t done roses for at least a year. At least.)
  • Then I immediately lost at a game of twister, and got to watch my cousins twist themselves up in the most ridiculous positions. Which was a lot of fun. WAY more fun than the game itself.
  • Also the cat found the spinner fun to play with, and kept batting it with her paw. Which was adorable.
*If anyone gets this reference, I love you.
**I like candy and all, but I don’t need 390 candies!


Wow. I did NOT mean for this post to get so long. It was just supposed to be the Unique Blogger Award, and then “Sorry I disappeared, now I’m disappearing again, bye!”

But I’ve really missed blogging, so I got carried away!

What have you been up to this summer? Tell me about your last family gathering! Or any notable family gathering! I always love hearing about them! Anyone else there nervous on planes? And what author would you want to meet?



  1. I’d love to meet Leigh Bardugo because she’s my favourite author and I need to know if/when we’re getting more Kanej. And I went white-water rafting this summer. It was super fun and I miraculously didn’t fall out of the boat.


    • Meeting Leigh Bardugo would be amazing too! *sigh* I just want to meet all the authors.
      And that sounds so fun! And hahaha, I would probably fall out if I’m being honest… I once managed to fall backwards out of a sailboat because I was trying to avoid getting knocked off by the sail… 🤦🏼‍♀️ 😂
      So yeah. I don’t have the best luck with not falling out of boats.


  2. Dear Iris, I just read your blog and shared it with Ray. We both really enjoyed it, and your style of writing. Ray says you have a real talent. I thought your description of your Calgary weekend sounded like so much fun. Was happy to hear that “older” folks shared in the fun. Maybe one day you’ll challenge your fear of flying and come visit me. We can take you dancing and teach you all the dances your Mum learned when she was here this summer. Love Granny


  3. the creative writing sounds like a lot of fun! As does all the other camps!! And Planes?!? I agree. They. Are. Scary. Anything that isn’t attached to the ground. And why is the earth a turtle??? Pleeeeaaaaaaaaassssssee tell me! I totally don’t understand and NEED to know!! Desperately!!!!😬!!!!!😄


    • Creative writing was super fun! And so were the others!
      And ugh right? Planes are bleh. TOO SCARY. I’ll keep my feet firmly on the ground thank you very much. 😂
      And the earth is a turtle because it just is.
      No, fine, I’ll tell you… It’s from a musical on youtube that I love, and they’re cave people, and think that the earth is a giant turtle. Because why not, I guess!


  4. Okay that sounds like a SUPER busy month for you!! I can imagine not finding time or energy to blog amongst all that ahhh. But I’m glad you had a good time. 🎉🎉 Also omg I LOVE your top 3 picks. Those are books of total excellence. I would probably also put The Raven Cycle in my top three but like Schwab and Bardugo are QUEENS and I love Simon Vs so much it makes me cry with just all the happy squish feelings.😍


    • Yup, it was just so busy! Blogging was NOT happening.
      And The Raven Cycle is pretty great too! Not quite a favourite for me, but I do love it!


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