Spring 2019 TBR

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Oh look at that, I forgot that Top Ten Tuesday existed again. Whoopsies.

Anyways, since I finally remembered it existed, today I’m linking up with it and posting ten books on my spring TBR.

Since I read a lot (usually at least, I’m sorta majorly slumping at the moment) this isn’t a comprehensive list of the books I’ll be reading, just ten that I hope to get to during the spring. And probably won’t.

Batman: Nightwalker

1 – Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu

I borrowed this from my cousin over Christmas and oh look at that I still haven’t read it.

I’m not really sure how I’m going to feel about this one, but I’ve quite enjoyed all of the other Marie Lu books I’ve read in the past, and superheroes are sorta fun? I guess??

Hullmetal Girls

(I admit I don’t really care about any superheroes other than Wonder Woman but oh well. I seem to enjoy superhero books…)

2 – Hullmetal Girls by Emily Skrutskie

I’ve been looking forward to this book since June. I’ve owned it since Christmas. I still haven’t read it. I really need to read it soon.

It looks sooooo good! And I adored The Abyss Surrounds Us! And it has a pretty cover! And why on earth have I not read this book yet???

They Both Die At The End

3 – They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

I actually read about 50 pages of this about a year ago, couldn’t get into it, and DNFd it. I always planned to read it eventually though, and after loving What If It’s Us and History Is All You Left Me, I really think I’m going to like it.

Whether or not I’ll read it this spring is dependant on my mood though, because I really feel I’m going to need to be in the right headspace for this one.

Goodbye Days

But I’m very much looking forward to it! (And all the pain it’s going to bring me…)

4 – Goodbye Days by Jeff Zetner

This one is going to HURT. But it looks pretty good, and comes highly recommended by my friends, sooo… hopefully I’ll get around to reading it this spring? Although again I do think I’m going to have to be in the right headspace for this one.

Why do I keep wanting to read such painful books?? (Oh the life of a bookworm am I right?)

The Lost Hero

5 – The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

PJO wasn’t my absolute favourite, but it was fun, and I’m looking forward to this one.

I’m only listing the first book here, but I have the whole series, so ideally I’ll actually read more than just the one? Maybe? Hopefully?

War Storm

I’ll maybe actually read this series? Instead of procrastinating it for like three years the way I did PJO?

Fingers crossed…

6 – War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

Okay so technically this should say “The Second Half of War Storm by Victoria Aveyard”, since I’m halfway through it already, but I’m reeeeaaaalllly hoping I can finish this before I forget what happened in the first half.

Paper and Fire

7 – Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine

This will be a reread for book club, and I’m very excited because I love this series and I really loved rereading Ink and Bone, so I’m excited to revisit this one as well!

Oh yeah… book club is in a week… I should really hurry!

The Boy Who Steals Houses

Now I just need to remember how to download an ebook from the library… :

(Wish me luck haha)

8 – The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews

I am SO HYPED for this book, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Hopefully it’ll come in the spring?? But also it’s supposed to take a month to ship after release, and sometimes (usually) my books come late.

So who knows. Fingers crossed I’ll get it quickly.

Once and Future

9 – Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

This is coming out next week, so I’ll almost certainly actually get this one in the spring? (The mail isn’t THAT slow after all) And I’m sooooo excited!

I mean okay all I know is that it’s a queer genderbent King Arthur retelling, but I NEED IT. The fact that I absolutely adored Amy Rose Capetta’s The Brilliant Death doesn’t hurt either.


Red Scrolls of Magic

10 – The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare

This is only one of my most anticipated releases of the year! I think it’s pretty safe to say that I will be dropping everything and reading this the second it shows up.

Malec is one of my OTPs. I can barely even read the ship name without squealing. AND WE’RE GETTING AN ENTIRE BOOK ABOUT THEM!!!

I’m a little excited, can you tell??



Have you read any of these? What’s on your TBR this spring? Do you like Malec?? Any tips for getting out of a reading slump?


  1. I’m so excited for lots of those as well! I’ll definitely be stealing some of the pre-orders after you’ve gotten them if that’s ok! (BEFORE you have read them! Haha. Mine.)

    Ohh, I wanna re-read Paper and Fire now to!😂


  2. Oh, great list, many of these I’d like to read soon too (10 titles isn’t enough for such a list! haha!) I’m thinking mostly of They Both Die At The End and Batman. I’ve been interested in Hullmetal Girls too, so that’s one I should consider adding too. Happy reading!


  3. Oooh I didn’t know Marie Lu had a book in the DC Icons series! I really want to read the Wonder Woman one (because I love Wonder Woman AND Leigh Bardugo lol) but now I want to read that Batman one too. Also YAY I’m so happy to see TBDATE on this list! It’s definitely a book you have to be in the right mindset for but it’s suuuuper good.


    I hope you end up loving all the books on this list!! happy reading!


    • Ahh the Wonder Woman one is so good! And I’m honestly so excited to read TBDATE!! Terrified, but excited.
      And thanks 🙂


  4. They both die at the end YES. I love it. Also: NEEDING red scrolls of magic ASAP and OMG THE BOY THAT STEALS HOUSES I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED OKAY???? I love this I need to do one of these posts,,, but,,, *flails* I LOVE YOUR POSTS SM OK 💕


    • Ahhhh I need to read They Both Die at the End soooo bad! And aghfdgdhfdhd I can’t wait until we get a whole book about malec ahhhhhhh! And The Boy Who Steals Houses ahhhhhhjhgfghg SO HYPED. And ahhh thank you! ❤


  5. AHHHHHHHH THE MALEC BOOK IS COMING SOON I’M SO EXCITED!!! It’s what we deserve 😍😍 TBDATE and Goodbye Days WERE SO SAD AHH, definitely have to be in the right headspace, but such good books ❤️ And ooh, I hope you enjoy Batman! I really loved the Wonder Woman one, and I love Marie Lu, but I didn’t love that one as much as I’d hoped. It’s still good though! And omg YESSSSS I need Once & Future, it’s going to be so good!!


    • I KNOW OH MY GOSH I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MORE ABOUT MAGNUS AND ALEC AHHHHHHH!! And oooh I’m glad to hear you liked Goodbye Days and TBDATE! Oh no 😦 I’m trying to keep my hopes low for the Batman one tbh… I want to love it, but I sort of doubt I will…
      And ahhhhh I binged Once and Future yesterday and I HIGHLY recommend it!!


    • Ahh thanks! I’m SO FREAKING HYPED for TBWSH AHHHHHH!! And Once and Future is SO GOOD. As is The Great Library series. I highly recommend them both.


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