Checking In On My 2019 Goals, and Setting Some New Ones For 2020

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Hello and welcome to this hot mess

As of writing this intro I am currently procrastinating actually looking at the goals and seeing how epically I failed, but anyways ew I guess I need to do that now

I’m scared

Anyways I’m going to try not to beat myself up over this to much, it was… sort of a weird year, and I genuinely did accomplish a couple of personal goals that I didn’t feel like publicizing so I’m sorta proud of myself for that at least

Now on to the utter failure

I’m so scared y’all

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Goals For 2019

Bookish Goals

1 – Read 150 books. SUCCESS. Okay so…. admittedly I haven’t finished this quite yet! But I need to read half of a very short book and I still have 23 hours so! I will do it!

2 – Read responsibly. This was such a weird phrasing? But I guess I meant like… actually read my library books? Which I… mostly did? I’ll give myself this I think

Apparently that was… all my bookish goals? Well I succeeded with them both so I’ll count that as a win lmao NEVER MIND I’M AN IDIOT I STILL HAVE MORE CARRYING ON


4 – Read more diverse books. this was a mostly just an easy goal cuz I already am always trying to do this, but anyways I think I did this? I didn’t read as many books by authors of colour as I should have, but my reading year was definitely a lot more diverse than past years I think

5 – Allow myself to DNF books I’m not enjoying. hi yes I actually succeeded at this. I didn’t DNF many/possibly any, but I didn’t force myself through anything I hated!!

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Blogging Goals

1 – Blog weekly. YIKES NO what more do I need to say I failed this one so bad most of y’all probably don’t even remember who I am


3 – Write some posts in advance. I think I did this… once. Maybe twice. Anyways what an utter failure, literally of these are.

4 – Redesign my blog. oops (I will say for myself, I did make new graphics I don’t entirely hate, so its a start)

5 – Blog hop more! look if I’m being honest I still haven’t figured out what this actually means so who the fuck knows really but anyways no this was a failure

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Life Goals

1 – Keep journalling. FAIL. um. I think I did. once. maybe. (okay I checked I did it FOUR WHOLE TIMES)


3 – Get outside more. oop I like? didn’t utterly fail this? but also didn’t really succeed either uhhhhhh

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okay well that was a hot mess let’s set some goals for next year so that I can suffer like this again in twelve months

Goals For 2020

Reading Goals

Read 100 books

I don’t like having to keep lowering this, but I also don’t like stressing about it, so this is probably for the best

I will read 100 though, or I will die trying

Get out of this damned reading slump

I don’t really have anything more to say on this, but uhhhh… yeah I’ve been slumping since like July it is not a fun time

I miss reading but also I’m not motivated to read? I think half of it is lack of access to books that actually interest me tbh – I’m too much of a mood reader

So uhhh… not sure how this’ll go, but I want to stop slumping!!

Take part in some readathons

I did the #aliceosemanreadathon this month and not only was it SO MUCH FUN, it also motivated me to read five books in two days, despite having been slumping for ages

Read my ebooks

I keep buying ebooks because I vaguely want to read them and they’re on sale, and then not reading them for literally ever so let’s! actually read them this year!

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Blogging Goals

Actually blog. Ideally at least 2-3 times a month.

PLEASE. PLEASE. I genuinely really enjoy writing posts, I just… don’t ever have the motivation to start

Redesign my blog

I absolutely hate how my blog looks which means my posts aren’t satisfying to look at cause I think they’re ugly af so basically I really need to put some time and effort into this

That’s it. That’s literally it. That’s all I want.
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Life Goals

Succeed at the online uni course my parents talked me into taking

I have…. a lot of regrets about agreeing to do this course, but I’m gonna finish it! and I’m gonna do well! (I hope)

Get into theatre again!

I mean I’m literally only not because I’m travelling! but still! I miss it! and want to do it again next year!!

Not stay up until 1 am writing blog posts

look yes it is one thirty am and I am sick and I have regrets anyways hi I’m gonna stay up until I finish this post!

Figure out… some stuff

I don’t uhhh… even entirely know what I mean by this but I mean! I can figure that out and complete the goal! this is why you don’t write goals posts late at night! this goal makes no sense! but also it sorta does vaguely anyways I don’t have words for it but maybe by next year I will

or maybe I just need sleep

Spend less time refreshing social media again and again and again

I love social media with my entire heart and I don’t want to give it up, I just…. want to not spend ten minutes watching new posts come in slowly because I’m bored, and actually do productive stuff with that time instead!

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anyways this post was a huge mess I have so many regrets anyways I’m going to bed, but I’ll hopefully post again sooner than June!!

What are your goals for 2020? How did you do at your 2019 goals? Any tips for getting to of a reading slump? Also what are some good readathons?? 👀


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