did i fail my 2020 goals + setting some goals for 2021

hi. look at me. blogging twice in a week. who am I?

anyways yeah I think I failed a LOT of my goals, but in my defence . . . it was a fucking weird year. at this point I’m sort of just proud of myself for surviving tbh, so yeah

I honestly don’t even know what to say here because 2020 was hands down the weirdest fucking year of my life and all my plans and stuff were uprooted but I also did some things I’m really proud of, so yeah I guess like . . . despite failing a lot of my goals, I wasn’t totally unproductive? I wrote two books! (and made a lot of headway on a few others)! I baked a bunch of cool things! I grew a lot more comfortable in parts of myself! I started blogging again and I read a lot and I started grade 12 and yeah I did shit

Goals From 2020

Reading Goals

  • Read 100 books – I did this one!! I actually lowered my goal to 80 in the summer because I was super behind, but I managed to catch up and read 100 books! I finished about 20 hours before the end of the year, but I did it and I’m honestly proud of myself because this year was rough
  • Get out of this damned reading slump – um? this was? a very weird goal? I got out of a slump and back into one and out and in and out but! I’ve had a really great couple of months reading-wise, and I think I’ve really been enjoying reading a lot more again lately, so I guess I won this one?
  • Take part in some readathons – I had zero recollection of wanting t do this—didn’t happen and honestly I don’t care that much I don’t think readathons really vibe for me 99% of the time
  • Read my ebooks – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IMAGINE THAT pls I desperately need to do this wow I have so many I think I read one (1) backlog ebook all year

Blogging Goals

  • Actually blog. Ideally at least 2-3 times a month – omg imagine that wow no not at all I have so few posts this year and most of them were from october
  • Redesign my blog – yes! I did this! as you can see! and I love it and I’m so proud of myself for this! I adore my new design and ahhhh I’ve been meaning to do this for years

Life Goals

  • Succeed at the online uni course my parents talked me into taking – yes! I succeeded! with decent grades too. now to never ever take a course that pretentious ever again because that was a hell experience that I would like to never replicate
  • Get into theatre again! – in my defence: there’s a pandemic. so like no but this one was genuinely out of my control (also though damn I miss it so much 😭there was a script in the book I was reading the other day and I started trying to act it out alone on my own at two am welp)
  • Not stay up until 1 am writing blog posts – I mean this wasn’t really an issue since I wasn’t writing blog posts but if the intention was not stay up to two am at all,,,,, hahahahahaha yeah I failed
  • Figure out… some stuff – hey op? what does this mean? oh right I’m op and I don’t fucking know what this means help. I guess I was trying to be vague? because it was probably personal? but hell if I know what it was
  • Spend less time refreshing social media again and again and again – I think I succeeded at this!! I’m still on social media too much, but I’ve been a lot better at not letting it be a total time suck lately and I’m proud of that
Goals For 2021

Reading Goals

  • Read 75 books – I mean deep down my goal is 100 books still, but I’ll also be moving out and starting college, so I want to aim lower in case I can’t hit 100
  • Read my friends books – I have a few I desperately need to read and I’m the worst so I haven’t yet and 2021 is the year I fix that
  • READ MY EBOOKS – I have so many ebooks and I really need to hurry up and get through them because it’s just ridiculous at this point
  • Clean out my TBR and either read some of the backlist books or remove them – please my tbr is so long and some of the books on there just don’t interest me anymore and others,,, I either need to read or accept that im not reading them and remove them
  • Finish some series – like pls I have so many half-read series it’s an issue

Writing Goals

  • Finish my three current WIPs – I keep starting new ones and not finishing my old ones tis an issue. but! I will finish! this year! in the next few months!
  • Write this short story – I have a short story I really want to write but I keep . . . not
  • Win both camp nano’s – this is just sorta obvious but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do November nano next year so I’m extra determined on the camps
  • Maybe draft my sleeping beauty book (or at least start) – I’ve been wanting to draft this book for years but I’m just not ready yet . . . maybe this year tho
  • Write one of my sequels – I have two series started and would like to continue at least one of them this year
  • Edit one of my WIPs – because I am very bad at not just drafting then moving on lmao

Life Goals

  • Actually blog – since this is my only blogging goal it doesn’t get a section to itself, but yeah I’d really like to blog more pls
  • Graduate high school – I mean I’d have to screw up pretty badly not to do this but,,,, it’s very important and I will feel very accomplished when I do it so tis a goal
  • Not fail my first semester of college – now this is the real test fshfgfdgd
  • Get more sleep – ,,,,please
  • Be more on top of cleaning my room lol – im a slob what can I say, anyways yeah this’d be nice but I don’t have high hopes
  • Keep baking a lot – I really enjoyed baking more this year last year, and trying new recipes and stuff, so I’m hoping to continue that in 2021

How did you do on your goals for 2020?

What are some of your goals for 2021?

What’s your gr challenge for 2021?


  1. you 🤝 me reaching 100 books just in time for the new year. but seriously i’m so proud of us 100 books is a lot (idk, for me & with all the stuff i & the world had going on)!! and ahh good luck on your writing goals 🥺 i’ve just realized that the draft i worked on during nano is like, totally wrong, so now i’m working on rewriting it. ahhh, it’s just Pain all around, and i’m rooting for you bc at least one of us has to be making good progress on writing this year 😭 i have no doubt that you’ll win both the camp nanos—i’d love to join but i don’t think i can bc school :// speaking of school, it’s so exciting that you’re graduating! leaving high school is just Scary for me, and ahhh i really hope you end up in a college that you’re happy with!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVE that for us. I’m so proud of youuuuuu <33 (yeah it was a hard year and I'm honestly proud of myself (and you!!) for managing to function my way through it 🥺 and ahfgdfgdf that's very valid and sounds frustrating but!! you can do it!! and you're going to make it so much better! which is also progress!! and I'm proud of you for how much you've done on it <3333 Ahhhh yeah omg school is gonna make nano so hard, I'm . . . very daunted. although what I like about the camps is you can set your own goal, so it doesn't have to be 50k if you can't manage it!! and thank youuuu, im so excited about the school I'm going to ahhhh

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  2. loved reading this post Iris!! lmao 2020 was definitely such a wack year (as i’ve said to you 129384 times), and i’m super proud of you for accomplishing everything you did in 2020!! you’re amazing 🤩 good luck with all of your writing goals & life goals for 2021!! you know i’ll be right here cheering you on, i support you always :)) 💓

    i don’t really make goals or new years resolutions but i’m still really happy i achieved my 2020 reading goal of 45 books!! hopefully i’ll be able to do that again this year :’) and ahahahahaa hopefully we both can get more sleep this year oops (although i’m already not off to a good start slkdjf)

    also “hey op? what does this mean? oh right I’m op” aslkdjfldks Iris the way i laughed SO hard at this lmaoooo


  3. Great post Iris!! I really hope you reach all your goals in the future! Also, 100 books?!!! Gurl how? That is amazing. You should be very proud of yourself hahaha. I can totally relate with trying to rush and finish all my books for the new year….yeah that was physically impossible.
    Have a fabulous day and happy new year!

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  4. You should definitely give yourself a break for 2020! Your 2021 goals look great, all the very best ☺
    I’m hoping to work more on my writing as well and omg yes I got more into baking as well and it was quote fun! Good luck with high school, haha, I’m sure you’ll graduate with good grades ❤

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  5. WOOT and CONGRATS on meeting your reading goal! Especially in the midst of this bizarre year! AND WRITING TWO FREAKING BOOKS. *toasts you with my juice box*
    Agggghhhh, I miss theatre too! I was a part of a reading over Zoom, but it’s NOT THE SAME AT ALL *cries* (also I hate Zoom with a vengeance it’s so anxiety inducing ugh)
    In 2021, I want to…actually hunker down and seriously edit and revise one of my first drafts. Which is kind of terrifying, but I’m actually kind of excited about it?
    Here’s to hoping 2021 is a good year!


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