Tempests and Slaughter – I WANT IT NOW!

I’m obsessed with Tamora Pierce.

She is my favourite author! And she has a new book coming out!! Called Tempests and Slaughter!!!!!
And it’s not coming out until February… I. Am. So. Impatient. So, I decided instead of torturing myself by looking it up online, I’d do something mildly productive,* and torture myself by blogging about it instead.

*Blogging is definitely productive. Really…

Tempests and Slaughter
Why I want to read this.

Besides, you know, that it’s by my favourite author EVER, and simply her name is enough to sell a book to me. But there’s actually other reasons as well.

  • It’s about a character who I love, named Numair Saliman* from one of her other series, The Immortals. It’s a prequel, so it could (I assume) be read without having read the others.
    I admit that hearing who it was about sold me on it. Seriously before there was a cover or a blurb or anything I wanted this book, knowing only “it’s about Numair when he was younger”, I was just like “I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!”**
  • The cover is absolutely beautiful! A lot of her books I’m sort of ‘meh’ about the covers, but I LOVE this one! It’s so pretty!
  • The blurb sounds so intriguing! Obviously I did already have a pretty good idea what it’s going to be about, but the blurb said a few things that left me curious.
  • I actually wanted this book before I knew it existed… I read The Immortals, and thought “I’d love a book about Numair’s backstory”, because it gives you a lot of information about it, but leaves out a lot of details (Very large details).
  • I’m rereading Immortals right now, and I thought it was one of my least favourite series by her… But it’s sooooooooo good! I love it! And Numair is one of my favourite characters!
  • It’s by Tamora Pierce! And yes, I am aware that I said besides who the the author is, but I don’t even care. It is a valid reason, and really, it is my biggest reason.
*Or Salmalin, or Salimalin, or SOMETHING. I can’t spell it.
** Honestly I’m pretty sure this is my only real reason, the others just make it even more awesome.


Okay, I just need to talk about Numair, other than the dragon (because really, who can beat an adorable baby dragon) Numair is my favourite character in Immortals.* He’s wonderful! He’s a mage, and he’s a bit of a nerd about it, seriously, his response to meeting a talking badger god is to start asking questions so that he can clear up debates that mages have been having for centuries.

Also the first conversation he had with the main character was about hair ties. Which was just sort of awesome! And he’s really funny! And I’m really curious about young Numair, because he’s said multiple times that he new absolutely nothing useful when he was studying magic (which is when this book takes place!), and I would like to see this very much!

Also it just occurred to me that I’ll see other characters that I know when they were younger as well!!! Mostly the evil ones, but still! I bet I’ll get to see a younger version of the character who Numair turned into a tree! I think they were maybe friends when they were at school. Or enemies. I’m not sure…

I’m very exited about this.

*I never bother to say the ‘the’ on the start… I’m too lazy

I. Am. So. Extremely. Impatient! And Excited!

This is literally the only book I’ve ever so much as considered pre-ordering. I’ve had it pre-ordered since it was available for pre-order. I complained for months that it wasn’t yet available for pre-order. I’m paying for the new hard cover book, something I don’t know if I’ve ever done. I buy hardcovers if they’re second hand. I buy paperbacks if I have to buy a book new. I don’t buy new, hardcover books. Ever.
Except for this one.

I’m really, really, really, REALLY, REALLY excited!*

Okay, I’ll stop shouting about this book. For now. Maybe until it comes out. Or, you know, maybe until next week…

*I don’t even know how many times I’ve said that now.

Have you read anything by Tamora Pierce? (You should if you haven’t already!) Do you want to read this book? Isn’t the cover gorgeous?! Do you have any authors who you’ll buy a book they wrote without anything else to go on?


  1. I haven’t read this book but I totally relate to your excitement! Basically your post is how I reacted when I found out John Green was releasing a new book and when they announced fantastic beasts. I actually hardly ever buy a book JUST because of the author, if I don’t like the blurb I won’t open it but if the blurb is even just slightly good and I like the author, BAM got a new book


    • I almost never buy a book just because of the author, but Tamora Pierce is the exception to that. She is my favourite author EVER, and I’ve NEVER disliked one of her books. Ever.


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