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Top Seven Books With Funny Titles

Today I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is ‘Top Ten Unique Book Titles‘.

Once again, I didn’t get ten… Oh well. The ones I did think of are very creative.

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The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet1 – The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet

by Erin Dionne

I feel like I mention this book a lot… I’m not entirely sure why.

The title of this book cracks me up though. It’s so random, and quirky, and fits the book really well. Because the book is quirky, and random, and tbh I sort of love it. It’s MG, but it’s just so fun!


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The True Meaning of Smekday2 – The True Meaning of Smekday

by Adam Rex

I honestly thought that this was a sort of dumb book, but… It certainly has an interesting title. And… I was having a hard time thinking of books with odd titles.

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3 – How to Lead a Life of Crime

by Kristen Miller

This was such good book! And I really love the title, but it is odd.
And when somebody sees you reading it… they’re usually like ‘um… okayyyy

It’s a bit awkward.

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How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You4 – How to Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

by Mathew Inman

I literally had no clue this book even existed until five seconds ago. Then my friend saw my post, and was like ‘it makes me think of the book How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You’.

Naturally, I immediately looked it up, and then I just had to include it in this post.
Because that is a seriously great title.


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Can You Teach me to Pick my Nose5 – Can You Teach  Me to Pick my Nose?

The title of this cracked me up. The actual book? Not so much.

I bought this at a thrift store years ago, and I still haven’t finished it. Honestly, I don’t even WANT to finish it. I just like that there is a book with that title. It’s so RANDOM!

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I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You6 – I’d Tell You I Love you, But Then I’d have to Kill You

I didn’t actually think this was a very good book. It was a fun read, but it was waaayyyyyy too light and fluffy, not to mention seemed really, really young.

I like the title though… It’s sort of random, but it makes me smile. Actually, I like all the titles in the series.*

Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy, Only the Good Spy Young, United we Spy… They just sort of amuse me.

*I’ve only actually read this one… I think I like the titles more than the books.**
**I think thats the case for most of these actually…

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Getting the Girl7 – Getting the Girl: A Guide to Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Cookery

Like most of the other books on here, I didn’t really enjoy this book. The MC was dumb, and I couldn’t stand him… The title’s pretty good though. I can never remember it, and just refer to it as Getting the Girl, but on the rare occasion that I can remember it,* it’s great.

*Oh wait, that’s never.

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Apparently I can’t think of many books with strange titles. That’s unfortunate. Although honestly I don’t really care. So it’s not that unfortunate. And I’m rambling. Oops. I’ll stop now.

Aren’t these great titles? Have you read any of these? What’s the strangest title you’ve ever seen?


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