Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings! – Pretty Covers + Um… Pretty Covers!

Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings!

Hi everyone! It’s Tuesday, and once again I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday, hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s theme is “Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings“, and I’m looking forward to this one!*

These aren’t really in any sort of order, because I had a hard enough time choosing ten, let alone putting them in order…

*Why am I using so many exclamation marks?!

My Lady JaneStrange the Dreamer1 – My Lady Jane

by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, & Jodi Meadows

This wouldn’t normally appeal to me, as I like my history completely accurate, but I’ve heard this is amazing, and really funny, so… I like funny. And, you know, I like amazing too. But I like funny more.
Also I realized this was partially written by Jodi Meadows, and I absolutely adored The Orphan Queen, so I’m sold now. I need this.

2 – Strange the Dreamer

by Laini Taylor

This sounds SO great! I’ve heard nothing but good about it, not to mention it sounds so intriguing. As well as that, it also has the most gorgeous cover I have ever seen. I am so completely in love with that cover. So it would be really nice to own.


The Hearts We Sold3 – Tortall: A Spy’s Guide

by Tamora Pierce

I’m not entirely sure what this is, but I love Tamora Pierce’s books, and it has something to do with George Cooper, so I honestly don’t care. I want it.

4 – The Hearts We Sold

by Emily Lloyd-Jones

This sounds SO intriguing! She sold her heart to a demon? First of all, that’s incredibly dumb. Why on earth does she think that’s a good idea? But also like, WHAT HAPPENS?!?!
It sounds like such a cool concept, and I’ve heard it’s really good.

GeminaBefore She Ignites5 – Gemina

by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Illuminae was the most wonderful, spectacular, amazing book, so naturally, I want the sequel! Really, really, REALLY badly! Because um… CLIFFHANGER?!! And also just amazingness! Those characters! That formatting! Excitement! Everything about it! So… can I please have the sequel right now?!

6 – Before She Ingnites

by Jodi Meadows

You know how I just said that I wanted My Lady Jane because it was partially written by Jodi Meadows? Yeah, I want this one even more!
It sounds SO good, not to mention the absolutely stunning cover! I want.

StarCrossedThese Broken Stars7 – StarCrossed

by Elizabeth C Bunce

I read and loved this authors other book, A Curse Dark as Gold, so as soon as I heard of this one, I knew I had to read it. It sounds AMAZING, and honestly her other book was so good I probably wouldn’t even care if it didn’t.

8 – These Broken Stars

by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Um, okay, first of all, isn’t that the most gorgeous cover?!? It is SO beautiful! I think I’d want it just for that. Add to that the fact that sounds SO interesting? I WANT IT! Although they named the spaceship Icarus?! Isn’t that just the most awful name? It just feels like it was doomed from the start.
So, I wanted to read this pretty badly. Then I realized that one of the authors had written Illuminae. I think I may have screamed.

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and VirtueAvenged9 – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

by Mackenzi Lee

I’ve heard this is absolutely amazing… although I’m realizing that I honestly have no clue what it’s about… But I’ve heard it’s amazing, and I love the title, so who cares what it’s about? Obviously not me.
Despite having no idea what it’s about, this is actually something I really want to read.I don’t really know why… I like the title? I like the cover? I don’t know.

10 – Avenged

by Amy Tintera

I read Ruined and absolutely loved it, so naturally I need the sequel! Also, you know, CLIFFHANGER!!! I want this reeeeeaaaaalllly badly… although it has the most hideous cover ever. But I think the book will be amazing, so although the cover is hideous, I still REALLY want this book!


So those are ten of the books I’m hoping to get this christmas! I had a very hard time choosing only ten… I have so many books I want. Hopefully I’ll get some of these at least… (or some of the ones I refrained from listing.)

What books are you hoping for this Christmas? Have you read any of the ones on my list? Which would you recommend?


  1. OMG, these are all totally on my list! I already have My Lady Jane and YES, that cover is gorgeous!! The Gentleman’s Guide was SO good! And the cover is gorgeous, so you will definitely enjoy having it in your hands. The humor, settings, and the CHARACTERS are precious!
    I loved illuminae so much and I can’t wait to read Gemina. I would really love to acquire Before She Ignites too!
    I see SO MANY beautiful things on this list! I would honestly die to get any of these for Christmas!

    My TTT: https://bookslikewolves.wixsite.com/blog/single-post/2017/12/19/Blogmas-19-Books-I-Want-My-Future-Children-To-Read


    • I know! They all sound so good, and the covers are all so gorgeous! Although I just realized I promised pretty covers, and then forgot to put the images in…


  2. WOW! I really want to read the Illuminae series! Gemina is also on my list after I find the time to read the first. Good post, right now I’m in the process of just starting Ruined by Amy Tinhera. Hopefully, It’ll be good, and I’ll have a review up soon. Other than that, I’ve never heard of any of these other books, but I must say that StarCrossed Piqued my interest. Thank’s for contributing demise, also known as my TBR pile.
    Merry Christmas!
    -Jared @ dabook.club


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