Bookshelf Tour – Rainbow Books + Goofy Annotations!

Bookshelf Tour

Bookshelf Tour

I’m rather desperate for post ideas, and I got a new camera and am super excited about it, plus I reorganized my bookshelf a couple months ago (which I already mention briefly and gave awful photos of), sooo… I’m going to give you a bookshelf tour.

(Help, I have no clue what I’m doing!)

Seeing as I’m actually one hundred percent sure how a bookshelf tour is normally done (and I’m too lazy to research), I’m just going to make it up as I go… It will probably involve lots of photos (duh), goofy captions, and some random useless details. So here we go. Enjoy!

Bookshelves in closet

So as you’ve probably noticed, my bookshelves are in my closet. Which umm… makes taking pictures slightly difficult… (the process involved some strange angles, some extension cords, and a lamp or two) but after lots of failed attempts, I think I finally managed to get some satisfactory photos.

As to why they’re in my closet… My room’s pretty small, and there isn’t much space left in the room itself, and I wasn’t using it for clothes, sooo… My bookshelves get crammed in there. It works pretty well actually. (Until it comes to taking pictures.)

Also they’re all organized by colour! And even though I did this almost two months ago now, I’m still SUPER excited by this fact!

And um… Please excuse the messiness of my room. I’m too lazy to clean in up. I’m still getting settled in.


First of all I have this shelf…

MG Bookshelf

This shelf is for most of my middle grade books. It’s really not that notable… I don’t really care much about most of these, I just didn’t want to get rid of them… So I organized them by colour so they’d look pretty, and stuck them on the shelf…

LotR Box Set

And if you’re wondering why it’s upside down… I bought it used, and it’s really beaten up. To the point where if I keep it right side up, the books fall right out the bottom. I really should just put them upside down in the box so that they’re right side up, but I’m too lazy and can’t be bothered. So they’re upside down for now.


I needed something to stop then from falling off… And it was sitting there, because I’d found it in storage and intended to give it back… and it was flat and worked, and I really don’t think she’ll miss it. It’s a picture of a cow she painted when we were six or seven, and then promptly sold to me. She probably doesn’t even remember it… So it’s staying there for now 😂


Then there’s this very messy shelf.

Messy Bookshelf

This one is a mix between spillover from the previous shelf, unread books, and other stuff such as:

  • A binder full of family photos.
  • My old musical theatre binder that for some reason I still have.
  • Harry Potter movie behind the scenes books and such…
  • A sweet book my parents got me when I was little full of pictures of me as a baby and toddler.
  • A random fake book…
  • My earring hanger thingy… for selling my beading.
  • A huge messy pile of bookmarks.

Plus as you can see, the bottom shelves are taken up by beading supplies, as I needed somewhere to put them, and had extra space… those will need to move eventually (aka, when I get more books), but for now they can stay there…

Messy Bookshelf

Wow, what a mess. I really need to tidy this up…


Then there’s this shelf… and the accompanying piles of books.

Bottom Shelf

This shelf is mostly dedicated to my random middle grade books that I literally couldn’t care less about, but refuse to get rid of anyways… And then since there was so much extra space, I put all the books I borrowed from my cousin on here as well. Yup, these are the notorious books I borrowed from my cousin…

Cousin's Books

Yeah, um… I still have some serious reading to do! Although look at the ones I haven’t read compared to the ones I have read! I’ve made some very significant headway.


And then there’s my main shelves. These three shelves are by far my favourite.

Top Shelf

This shelf is the beginning of my big rainbow made of all my YA books, as well as my very favourite middle grades… (Because I didn’t have enough YA books for it to look good with just them…)

Obviously, seeing as these shelves have all my favourite books, they’re absolutely wonderful! Plus I love how they look!

However I also keep them significantly neater then the others, so I don’t have as much to say about them.

Blue Shelf

Hahaha, I own a ridiculous amount of blue books… When I was first sorting them into piles by colour to do this, my blue pile was like twice the size of any of my other piles… I like blue I guess…? Which is definitely a good excuse to own so many blue books I’m sure…

Multicoloured shelf

This shelf looks pretty bleh, but’s it’s below eye level, so I don’t need to look at it too much…


So that’s my bookshelf! I had a ridiculous amount of fun writing this post, so I hope you enjoyed!

Plus it was a nice change from doing tags, reviews, and wrap-ups, so if you have any posts you’d like to see let me know! (Aka, HELP! I’m having a hard time coming up with creative post ideas… So let me steal all of your ideas!)

How do you organize your bookshelf? Any weird organizing quirks? What do you do with your bookmarks? (Do some of you keep them a bit more organized than a big heap on your bookshelf…?) Do you have anything other than books on your bookshelves?


  1. we’ve got a big bookshelf downstairs (mostly mg books) that I spent forever organizing to be rainbow! Then someone (AKA my sister) started reading alllll the books and not putting them back in their spot…😒So it’s not organized anymore…. my books are in my room and I actually don’t have a bookshelf! I’ve got this thing that’s sorta like a bookshelf but it’s too short so the books have to go on their sides, and it really bothers me.😜 but I think I’ll look for a bookshelf that can maybe hang on a wall (if there is such a thing?) as I don’t have too much available floor space. 😆 as for bookmarks… I don’t have to organize mine, as they’ve all hidden…


    • Hahaha, MAREN! None of my family is allowed to touch my books 😂
      And hmmm, I don’t know about actual bookshelves that hang on the wall, but you could definitely just put up a shelf or two on the wall…


  2. !!! When I was younger, I had my bookshelves in my closet, too. And, come to think of it, so did one of my friends. Books > clothes lol. I love how your shelves are unable to contain all your wondrous books. … But I hope by now you’ve returned that Narnia book to your friend. XD


    • Priorities, obviously. (I have a few pieces of clothing I need to hang up in there, and they annoy me to no end 😂) And yes hahaha, I did return the Narnia book


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