Queer Comic Recs Because It’s PRIDE MONTH!

Comic Recs

Hey everyone, it’s Pride month, so today I’m going to be recommending y’all some of my favourite queer webcomics and graphic novels!

I’m not sure how many I have here, but it felt like enough to make a separate post out of, so as not to make my upcoming queer rec posts overly long.

And since most of these are webcomics and can be read freely and legally online, I figured they were a great way to start off my Pride month posts, as y’all can easily add them to your pride TBRs if you want šŸ‘€

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On a Sunbeam

On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

This is a super beautiful comic, featuring a fun space adventure, boarding school, first love, and a shit ton of lesbians (+ a side enby character!)

Oh and did I mention the art is freaking gorgeous???

(This is free online, but you can also read it in print format, so if you can afford to support this lovely queer comic that’s worth checking out as well)

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository | Read Online

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Spinning by Tillie Walden

This one is actually a graphic memoir which is,,, not something I’d usually read, but after On A Sunbeam I had to read more Tillie Walden, and this book was stunning.

I don’t really know what to say about it, but if you like memoirs or comics or hell if you just want a beautiful queer read, pick this up.

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository

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Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

This remains my favourite webcomic ever, and is the only one I’m guaranteed to always read asap. (I say as if I’ve actually read the most recent update, but it’s a guest comic, otherwise I would’ve, okay?)(Okay NOW I’ve read it.)

It’s literally the softest, sweetest, most adorable romance, and I absolutely adore it! It genuinely owns my whole entire heart. Nick and Charlie are such precious bbys.

Go read it, then come yell with me about it pls!

(Also side sapphic romance and side trans girl!)

(This one is currently ongoing. It updates online on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of every month, or you can buy the first volume (1st + 2nd chapter) in print format.)

Goodreads |Amazon |Book Depository | Read Online

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Always Human

Always Human by Ari Walkingnorth

This is a completed webcomic, so you can easily binge read it. And trust me – you want to. It’s been aaaaages since I read it (Time for a reread soon perhaps ;P), but it was sooo good!

The art style is the actual most gorgeous thing (Like, I love the art in all of these, but this art is my favourite of them all it’s SO PRETTY), and it has a soft sapphic romance and a shit ton of queer side characters! (I want to say there was an ace character, gay dads, and genderfluid character??? I’m not 100% sure due to aforementioned ages since I read it, but lots of queer side characters for sure!)

Also it’s sci-fi, but with a really soft story with personal stakes instead of whole-world-stakes, which I loooove.

Goodreads | Read Online

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Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer by Wendy Lion Martin

DO YOU WANT GAY MERPEOPLE? IF SO READ CASTLE SWIMMER. And of course you want gay merpeople. Er, gay sharkpeople I suppose?

This webcomic is SO WEIRD, but it is legit the funniest thing ever and I love it with my whole heart pls read it!

Also the romance. The romance is TO DIE FOR. I mean they’ve really mostly just hinted at it so far, but it is SO SOFT AND PRECIOUS AND CUTE. (Also side trans character!!)

Please join me in the torture that is waiting for this to update Please join me in forgetting to read the updates and then yelling when you get caught up and it ends on a GODDAMN CLIFFHANGER Please read this.

Goodreads | Read Online

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I literally do not remember what this was about, but it was super queer and super fun and you should absolutely go read it!

I was really sad to finish it, because I loved it so much! Okay, seriously, what was it about??? I dunno ahhhh but it was good and queer and I should really reread it… and you should also read it!

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Aaaaand that’s all I’ve got! Pls go read these and yell about them with me!

Have you read any of these? Do you like webcomics? Any recs for me? šŸ‘€


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