My 2020 Five Star Predictions

I give out five star ratings pretty easily, if I’m being honest. I just checked my goodreads, and I’ve rated,,,, 19 books five stars so far this year. I mean four or five of those were rereads, and another three or four majorly need to be knocked down a star, but,,, still. that’s a lot of five stars.

anyways though, I thought it would be fun to do some five star predictions!! these are a combination of books I own and plan (or,,, hope at least) to read this year, and of books that are releasing this year

also before we get into it I want to give credit where credit is due!! this is a pretty common post among book bloggers, and one I’ve been wanting to do for absolutely ages, but seeing Caitlin Althea’s five star prediction post was what finally motivated me to actually do this!! y’all should absolutely go check out her post and her blog and shower it with love because she’s the best also Caitlin don’t kill me for rating 19 books five stars pls

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas — honestly this one probably isn’t surprising to anyone in the book community, but this book is my number one most anticipated release of the whole year ❤ I am so excited, and I can’t believe it comes out in like two days!! I don’t know what to say on this other than like . . . the entire premise is amazing, and even just from snippets I’ve seen I would already do anything for Yadriel and Julian

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong — if i’m being honest this book wouldn’t even be on my tbr if not for how much I adore Chloe Gong’s twitter presence, but like . . . honestly how could the author responsible for THIS piece of promo ever write anything boring

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by V.E. Schwab — okay (1) I love every schwab book I have ever read, and (2) this has the literal best premise ever. I mean like come on. a girl trades her soul to the devil in exchange for immortality and says he can have it when she doesn’t want it anymore I !!! it’s such a good concept!! I need this book in my life asap

The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee — the fever king was one of my favourite reads of 2019, and despite how much I’ve procrastinated finishing the series (I’m scared, okay??) I am incredibly hyped, and almost certain I’ll love this!!

Girls of Storm and Shadows by Natasha Ngan — I have heard that this one suffers from a serious case of middle book syndrome, but I also have absolute faith that I could never not love a book about Lei and Wren, no matter how messy or contrived the plot is. I’m trying to keep my expectations down but . . . I just can’t. I loved the first book too much to expect anything less than the best

Iron Heart by Nina Varelaokay look yes this would also fit into my earlier category of “anticipated releases” but I crave symmetric organization okay?? anyways I loved Crier’s War so much, and I cannot wait to resist Crier and Ayla and ahhhhhhHHHHH I am so hyped!!! Nina Varela is such a talented author, and I adore her writing!! also tho like. sapphics. that’s all I really care about. my soft sapphics !!

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang — I have heard absolutely nothing but amazing things about this book and this series and I am . . . so excited and so scared. I expect this book to emotionally destroy me and leave me in awe. if I don’t rate this five stars I’m gonna cry. I cannot wait to fall in love with this series ahhhh

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir — this has lesbian necromancers, what more can I even ask. I’ve seen so many glowing reviews of this one from so many people I respect but like,,,, more importantly: lesbian necromancers. I’m a little daunted by this one for some reason, but ahhhh I need to read it soon, and I really hope I fall in love with it!!

Queen of the Conquered by Kacen Callender — this book just looks so fantastic, and also I really love Kacen Callender’s writing and just ahhhh!! I’m so daunted by adult fantasy omg but like I NEED to read this because it sounds so brilliant and ahhhh (also that cover? gorgeous)

Have you read any of these? What do you think?

What books do you think you’ll rate five stars?

Do you give out five stars easily?


  1. ahh, i’m not mad at you for rating books 5 stars frequently at all—it’s great that you enjoy almost all the books you read 🥺 and lots of these are books i love/am excited about!! i really can’t wait to read addie larue, and the early reviews are making me so curious. some people are calling it a masterpiece while others hated it, i’m so excited to read it for myself flkjdfkjdf. also, you already know how i feel about these violent delights :(((( i will forever be salty that i didn’t like it. but i’m curious to see if you will, especially bc it has a lot of straight people drama 😭

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